All of our puppies have already loving families. We wish you a long and happy life together!
You can find news about our dogs and puppies on our Facebook site.
Coco - Excalibur of Daiquincy just 4 months old, after trimming.


Some new photos about our 5 weeks old boys. More photos and videos on Facebook!


New little miracles have arrived in our home! On 15th April 3 charming boy were born.
Keylee and the puppies are fine and the love is big. The parents, Dennis and Keylee are very proud.
More info on "Puppies" and "Litters" site.
You can find more photos and videos on Facebook!

We are expecting puppies in mid-April 2021!
More info coming soon!

You can find plenty of photos, videos and the latest news on Facebook. Please wisit us!


After the long break our homepage has updated. At first we would like to introducing our 2 younges,
Tango and Keylee who can meet on Schnauzers page with.


All of our puppies moved to their new home. We wish you a long and nice life togehter and a lot of joy! :o)


The puppies are 1 week old. Their eyes are opening and traying to do the first steps alone. :o)


They arrived!!! :o)))

on 22.04.2016 Moyra gave life for 7 beautiful and healthy babies. 4 boys and 3 girls. :o)
The mom and the puppies doing well. :o)

Daddy can't stay out of the celebration, he is watching the video of his new family. :o)

This april is a very special time in our life. :o)))
We are extremely pleased and proud that Daiquincy Schnauzers participate in very promising pairings in four different countries.
Many thanks to the confidence of our dogs, and we wish a very nice, long and successful life to the new generation!

1. Trels kennel / Moscow, Russia - breeder: Irina Trubnikova
Birthday: 09.04.2016, 5 males + 4 females
Int.Ch., Multi Ch. Absolute Power of Daiquincy x Int.Ch., Multi Ch. Trels Kleopatra

2. Arbor kennel / New York, USA - breeder: Klare McNail
Birthday: 17.04.2016, 6 males + 1 female
Int.Ch., Multi Ch., Agility A3 Ferdinan Prinz Zandrian x Agility Master, BOB, HDA Brisk Moment of Daiquincy

3. Daiquincy kennel / Györ, Hungary
Birthday: 22.04.2016, 4 male + 3 female
Int.Ch., Multi Ch. Keynote's Hook van Holland Trombone x Int.Ch., Agility A2, HDA All That Magic of Daiquincy

4. Elnajjar kennel / Cornwall, England - breeder: Amin O'Carrol
Birthday: 24.04.2016, 1 male + 4 female
Jalero Mr Thomson at Maidluns x Irish Ch., HDA Cleopatra's Charm of Daiquincy


We have great news! Moyra is waiting for puppies! :o)))

more info at "Puppies"


We wish all of our friends Happy New Year with a lot of successes and good health!

Made the honey cake before Christmas :o)

Liz - Brisk Moment of Daiquincy - fulfilled the AKC Agility Master Jumper title

Wooooow! What a great work! Big congratulations Liz & Klare! :o)

Hip score's result for Frida (Cleopatra's Charm of Daiquincy at Elnajjar) arrived from the BVA (England)
U.K. 4/6=10 this is in EU HD A
She participated her first time in Brussel Dog Show on 19. December 2015, where she got exc.2., Res.CAC, Res.CACIB

Super results! :o)
Frida with her proud owner, :o) her diplom of Champion of Ireland, and she is in the english 'Our Dogs' magazine

We are also very proud on both of you, Amin & Frida! :o)

We were in the Nikolaus Agility Cup on 5th December as last competition of this year.
Peter and Barka (Blithe Spirit of Daiquincy) debut in LA2 class with nice work.
Skippy run his best parcour this year (clean run 6. /35 dogs) and Moyra was also superb.
The video

I participated with Moyra on a 2day agility seminar with World Champion Martina Magnoli Klimesova.
It was simply great! :o) We learned a lot and got some advices how could be more successful. Thanks a lot!

Charlie - Crown Prinze of Daiquincy passed his first BH exam in Austria on 14. November

Congratulations!!! Well done! :o)

Bitang - Cartoon Hero of Daiquincy participated in Derby-CACIB Show in Komarom on 11th October.
He won exc.1., CAC and got the Hungarian Derby Winner title.
Thanks Kati & Péter! :o)

Our friend, Gabriella made a nice photoshooting about Bitang. Thanks a lot!

A very successful agility weekend in Galanta, Slovakia - 24-25. October
First day
Barka - Blithe Spirit of Daiquincy with two 2nd places (LA1 + LJ1) she finished on 2nd place
Skippy and Moyra finished (Agility+Jumping) on the 4th place
Second day
Skippy with a 2nd and a 4th places he is Winner of LA1 category
Moyra with a 2nd and a 3rd places she is Winner of LA2 category
After that Moyra finished on the 4th place in Final (open) run
Suuuuper results!!! :o)

10. 11.

We got amazing news in previous weeks.
Bitang - Cartoon Hero of Daiquincy got HD A, ED 0 Yeaaaah :o)))

Frida - Cleopatra's Charm of Daiquincy at Elnajjar participated on 2 shows in Ireland, in Dublin again.
2x exc.1., 2x CACIB, 2x Best female, 2x "Green star", Best of Breed (BOB), Res.Best of Breed (Res.BOB)
Huge congratulations! :o)

Some of our all agility competitions in summer:
2015.09.12-13. Rey Island Cup, Vydrany - Slovakia
Marathon agility weekend: 2 days, 3 schnauzers, 12 runs

Skippy LA1 3rd place
Moyra LA2 2nd place,
open Agility 4., open Jumping 5., compl. 4.
Eyscha Veteran - Agility 1., Jumping 2., compl. 1st place

Skippy LA1 3rd place
Moyra LA2 1st place, open Jumping 3rd place
Eyscha Veteran Agility 1., Jumping 2., compl. 1st place

2015.08.29-30. Szigetkoz Agility Cup, Gyorzamoly
Barka - Blithe Spirit of Daiquincy LA1 Agility+Jumping compl. 3rd place
Moyra - All That Magic of Daiquincy LA2 Agility+Jumping compl. 2nd place
youtube video link

Congratulations Peti and Barka! :o)

2015.07.18. Dog Fest, Sala, Slovakia
Eyscha debut as veteran and won the agility parcour
Moyra in LA2, Open Agility and Open Jumping 3x 2nd places
Eyscha thought that these lot of gifts are all hers, but the others also looked the many delicacies. :o)

In August in Ireland
Frida - Cleopatra's Charm of Daiquincy at Elnajjar traveled to Ireland, where participated on 4 shows in one week.
They did it! :o)

2x Best of Breed
1x Res. Best of Breed
3x Green stars (out of 4)
1x Res. Green star
4x excellent 1., class winner

Amazing results! Congratulations Amin and Frida!

Show successes in July
Liz - Brisk Moment of Daiquincyparticipated on SSCA National Show in Richmond (USA).
She got 3rd place in open class, and her 2 puppies, Abe and Ava (Arbor's Abraham Lincoln and Ava Adore) won in they classes.
Ava participated also on the Rally obedience competition and she won!
The success didn't stop, next time on 17th July Liz Best of Breed, Abe Best Opposite Sex!
Big congratulations Klare! :o)

11. July Szombathely - 3 shows in one day
Bitang (Cartoon Hero of Daiquincy)3x exc.1., 2x HPJ, 2x Best Junior, 1x BOS, Junior Year Winner, Junior BIS IV.
Moyra (All That Magic of Daiquincy)exc. 1., CAC, BOS, and she fulfilled Hungarian Grand Champion title.
Thank you Mina for the pics! Congratulations Kati and Peti, Bitang's owners! :o)

Tünci and Titi (Aple Pie of Daiquincy) didn't idle this summer, they worked enthusiastically to the Dancing Dog Championships.
On the National Championship in May they finished with praise in Hobby class, after that on the Night Championship in 4th July
they participated in the Freestyle I. category and the result is 1st place.
Big congratulations!!! :o)

In June, we organized a long trip to Italy with friends and to Slovenia on the way back home.
Our first programs were the special (raduno) show and World Dog Show in Milan, where we finished with sucesses.
06.10. Special (raduno) show, judge: Pentenero Giovanni (I)
Moyra exc.1., Res CAC, Eyscha exc.1., Best Veteran
06.11. World Dog Show, judge: Perosino Guido (I)
Moyra exc.2., Eyscha exc.1., Veteran World Winner, Best Veteran

06.14. Modena R.E.M. International Agility competition
Skippy in LA1 category - agility + jumping completed 5th place,
Moyra in LA2 category - agility 3rd, agility + jumping completed also 3rd place
A lot of photos of our holiday: Facebook's album link

On 24 May Bitang - Cartoon Hero of Daiquincy started his show career as 15 months old.
Mosonmagyaróvár CAC show - junior class exc.1., HPJ, Best Junior and BOS
Moyra - All That Magic of Daiquincy exc.1., CAC and BOB
Judge Oleg Fintora from Slovakia

17th May 2nd Seewinkel Cup, Austria
Skippy started in LA1 category, he was very clever and finished in 3rd and 1st places, at the end he got the Winner title,
and he passed his first clean run and agility exam.
Moyra in LA2 class finished in 3rd with clean run. With these result she fulfilled the requirements of A3 class. :o)

4th April Balu - Bluebard of Daiquincy passed BH exam.
Yeaaaah! Congratulations Zolti and Balu!!! :o)

28th March 2015 Seewinkel Agility Cup - Gols, Austria
Skippy debut in LA1 class and finished in 6th, Moyra won her first parcour (LA2).
Funny video

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