European Schnauzer-Pinscher Speciality Show results here

European Dog Show results here
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Indy and Eyscha

We have some new photos: here

We were in Kisnémedi on the seminar of obedience with Merit Jaehne (from Germany) on 24th August.
Thank you Bogi and Merit for this fantastic day!


There were more schnauzers on the seminar. :o)
Bonie and Lana
Thanks Csilla, Rita and Rauno for the photos!

 Judy and her husband Dick Houskeeper from the USA (Korppret Standard Schnauzer kennel) visited us and
our schnauzers in Hungary at the end of July. It was an honour to meet them! We spent a very nice day together.
Thank you Judy and Dick for the visit and for all! We hope to see you again in the future!
We have some nice photos from this time. :o)
Judy and Dick, Zsolt with Eyscha and Indy and our friend Zoli (thanks!)

Eyscha's show results
Donji Miholjac - Croatia
13th July 2008

exc.1., CAC, BOB

Kardos Vilmos (H)

With this result Eyscha granted the Croatian Champion terms!

After dog show...
more photos here

After a long time off, we started this year with an obedience competition in Vienna, on 15th June.
This was the first time we participated on GH2 level. I was "a little" worried about the new expectations... Eyscha was very happy, she worked good, but we had same faults and 2 of the excercises won 0 point, so the exam was with 184,5 points unsuccessful. :o(
The second trial on GH2 was 2 week later in Feldbach on 29th June.
There were 4 dogsports on one competition. We entered for obedience and agility too. We started with obedience at 8 a.m.. Eyscha was a little "sleepy" and sometime "deaf" and we had 2x 0 points. In spite of this the competition was successful, she finished 3rd.
We must practice more, we can do better than this! :o)
After that we started on the agility course. Eyscha had a lot of energy and we finished with some minor faults. The final result in total of 2 runs she was on 3rd place in A1 large category.
We met Bosko on both obedience competition, he participated on GH1 level. We wish him great success! We always are very happy to see another schnauzers doing dogsports.
This day was very nice for us!

Video - Obedience GH2 - 3.ÖKV Cup - Wien-Heustadlwasser
Video - Indy & Eyscha - agility training
More video coming soon...
Eyscha and Bosko on the "Thermenladturnier". :o)

Crazy schnauzers! :o)
more photos here

We have some new show results (Bratislava & Budapest CACIB) on our website and photos are in the album.
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Unfortunately Eyscha doesn't have any puppies now, so we are plaining a new litter end of year 2008.

In end March we spent some days with Blaze and Alessandro in Italien.
We hope will have result and Eyscha can give life of nice and health babies in end May. :o)
more photos here

The best friends :o)

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