The year of 2009 was a very nice and successful year for us. Our first litter was born in January and our
3 puppies are champion already! Alpha is Russian Junior Champion, Skippy and Odry are Hungarian Junior Champions.
Tico need for only one, the last win to the Russian Junior Champion and Moyra also has the first title as junior.
Of course, the all puppies are also very important for us and we are very proud of all of you with or without showresult. :o)
Lucia and Grace, Balázs and Rex, Silke and Robin, we sincere wish also you many success and happiness next year too!!!
We would like to say with all our heart a great thanks to all family of our puppies! :o)

2.Winter Cup - Szigetszentmiklós, 12th December 2009
We were in Szigetszentmiklós again. The judge, Lenka Pankova came from Czech, her parcourses were
very good, sometimes with any traps. Eyscha was very well and considerate, she ran very clever.
The first run (A1 agility) worked with 1 fault, the second (jumping) successed faultless,
so we achieved a 8th and a 2nd places out of 32 large A1 dogs . :o))
Now, we are standing on the 3rd place with 37 points but the end will be only in February, after 4 cup.
So we will see later... :o)
Eyscha A1 agility and open jumping
and a very happy german pinscher (Bugadi's Cylie "Gina") on the cup :o))
A1 agility and open jumping

We got the great news, Alpha (All Fools' Day of Daiquincy) is Junior Champion of Russia!
We congratulation with all our heart Irina and Alpha! :o))

We had a great weekend! :o) We were in Budapest on 2 International shows and Clubshow.
At this weekend was an exclusive possibility, only now: 2xHPJ (junior winner)= Hungarian Junior Champion.
We participated with our 3 juniors, they are only 10 months old and the results:

The first day - CACIB - 28.11.2009.
Odry (Apple Pie) exc.1., HPJ
Skippy (Around The Clock) exc.1., HPJ, Best Junior, 4-6. placed in the Junior BIS

The second day - CACIB - 29.11.2009.
Odry exc.1., HPJ, so she is Hungarian Junior Champion
Skippy exc.1., HPJ, so he is Hungarian Junior Champion

HSPK Jubilee Club Show - 29.11.2009.
Moyra (All That Magic) exc.1., HPJ, Junior Jubilee Club Winner
Skippy exc.1., HPJ, Junior Jubilee Club Winner, Best Junior, Junior Best in Show!
Skippy & Odry
You can see a short video about our Skippy in the BIS ring of the CACIB show: http://www.kennelclub.hu/
video of "BUDAPEST CACIB 2009.11.28" and at the 1.33 minute! Only with Internet Explorer! With Mozilla Firefox not run...

ÖGV Neutal (Austria) 22th November 2009
We participated in the exam of our dog school. Eyscha knows the exercises very well already but on the competitions...
didn't want to display this. Now was the first time that the all exercises of GH2 level were successful without 0 point. :o)
Still we can't to rest, we must strive for the better tempo now... We got 247 points with a very good qualification. :o))

Alpha and Tico became some very nice results again in November!
Alpha (All Fools' Day) and Irina went to Voronezh to CACIB show, where Alpha wons her 3st JCAC and Best Junior!
Congratulations Irina and Alpha! :o))
Tico (Absolute Power) participated on two CAC shows in Moscow. He got on both shows JCAC and the Best Junior again!
Congratulations Mrs. Trubnikova and Tico and thank you for these wonderful photos. :o)

1.Winter Cup - Szigetszentmiklós, 15th November 2009
We were first time in this hall. The ground (artificial grass) was amazing, the parcours were very good,
so all liked me very much. The judge was Zeljko Gora from Croatia. Eyscha was very happy and clever.
In agility A1 parcour we had 2 faults, in open jumping 1 at the first jump (or rather at don't jump?! :oS) and a little time fault...
at the end we closed this day with a 6th and a 12th places out of 27 A1 large dogs. Great! :o)
We have 14 points with a 8. place in the table now. Next time we'll see in December! ;o)
Video: open jumping and A1 agility

We recived some nice news about our puppies from Germany and Russland. :o)
We got a new photo of Robin (Abshynt Drink), he is living in Germany.

Thank you Silke for the photo about this very nice boy! :o) Robin is 9 months old.

Alpha (All Fools' Day) went to junior class with beautiful successes at the end of October.
On 2 dog show she won 2xJCAC (winner of junior class) and both of them she was Best Junior too! :o)
Congratulations Irina and Alpha and we wish you many success in the future too!

Tico (Absolute Power) participated on his first show in early October , and he included with great success.
In Moscow, in puppy class he got very promising 1. and he won Res. Puppy BIS too! :o)
And on 7th November he won the first JCAC and Best Junior title! :o)
Congratulations and thank you Tico and your family, Yerusalemsky family and Mrs. Irina Trubnikova!

And we recived some sommer fun photos about Rex (After Eight Mint) too. :o)
Thank you Imre and Balázs! We wish you many happy times with this little boy in the future too! :o)

10.ÖKV Cup - Trumau (Austria), 25th October 2009
This competition was the last leg of ÖKV cups. We passed a really nice day on the dogschool.
Though our work wasn't perfect, we completed this day with 213 points, a good qualification and a 4th place. :o))
Thanks all for this very nice day!

Bratislava - World Dog Show 10th October 2009

Skippy - Very promising 1., Puppy World Winner'09
Odry - Very promising 2.
Moyra - Very promising 3.
Eyscha - excellent 5.
Thank you Csilla and Attila for the great handling and your help!

p/s Standard Schnauzers results and photos

Our dogs in Bratislava :o)





Komárom - 2xCACIB 2-3rd October 2009
Around the Clock - Skippy (photo), Apple Pie - Odry and All That Magic - Moyra
3x very promising 1. :o)
Judges: Marija Talvitie (Finnland) and Pettkó Csaba (Hu)

Komárom - 2xCACIB
P/s standard schanuzer results. Giant results and photos

3 unforgettable days...
On 21th August began an obedience seminar with Christa Enqvist in Austria.
Christa came from Finnland and she is with her dog (VIP) Finnish Obedience (and Agility) Champion,
Nordic Obed. Winner'08, Vice European Obed. Winner'07, 3rd placed on World Championship'08,
European and 2xWorldwinner with the Finn team....
She is simply gigantic! She has a promiment personality and a fantastic knowledge.
In her dogtraining everything is simply "black and white" and the praise arrive at the really best moment! :o)
The dog is for her always partner and the training have to fill both sides with joy!
After that I see the way again on the way I would like to go with my dogs in the future. :o))
On the seminar I participated with Moyra.
We wish you many success in Bratislava on World Obedience Championship!!!

Thank you for these wonderful days Christa, Tina, Beate, Renate and Astrid!

Thanks Ramona for these beautiful photos! :o) (www.lexy.at)

After the hard work is needed the relaxation too! :o)
Eyscha, Skippy, Moyra... and Indy :o)

After the cherry are gratifying a little apricot and pear. :o))

A new toy?? :o) - Who is in the bag?!
(Thanks Csilla for these sweet photos! :o)

We also visited a CACIB show in Bratislava (Slovakia) on 16th August 2009.
Skippy and Odry participated on the show, they both became very promising. :o)
We made some new photos.
Skippy - Around The Clock of Daiquincy

Odry - Apple Pie and Moyra - All That Magic of Daiquincy

On 15th August we went to an unofficial "Beta" Memorial Agility competition.
Beta was a poodle and the member of our agility dog school. He was very successful boy and
participates e.g. in World Agility Championship from time to time.
This competition had friendly with joyful atmosphere.
After 2 runs we finished on the 4th place out of 18 large dogs. :o)
Bonie - Agility Beginner
Eyscha - Open agility
Eyscha - Open jumping

New agilityvideos from Feldbach!
Eyscha Agility A1 - Jumping 1 - Open Jumping

Pajngrt Master's - Baumgarten (Austria) 3rd August 2009
We were first trial on BgH 3 level. The weather was very hot and yet Eyscha was very happy but...
this time I wasn't on the top... :o( Unfortunately I failed to take our dumbbell with me
for 2 exercises of the retrieve. Eyscha didn't hold the strange and heavier dumbbell in high esteem...
(we have never uses such a strange dumbbell) The result was 70 points out of 100, so the BgH 3 level becam successful.
The BgH competition was only for the teams without an individual resultslist.
We belong to our Austrian dogschool, ÖGV Neutal. Our team finished at 4th place out of the 13 teams.
Both 2 teams of ÖGV Neutal

Robin - Absynth Drink of Daiquincy was on a PSK-KSA show again,
now in München (Germany) on 27th July. He got very promising again!

Congratulations and thank you Silke and Robin! :o)

Oberwart - CACIB (Austria) 19th July 2009

Eyscha won exc.1., CACA, CACIB, BOS,
with this results she granted the Austrian Champion term.
Szombathely - Oberwart - 2xCACIB Giant and Standard Schnauzer's results and photos.

Further 2 puppies began they showcareer! :o)
We met Grace - Amazing Grace of Daiquincy and Lucia in Oberwart.
Both had the first show in ther life. :o)
Grace got very promising 1. in the puppy class. Congratulations!
You are a fantastic team, we wish you only the best in the future! :o)))

Eyscha, Lucia and Grace, and our little teams (a part of them). :o)

Robin - Absynth Drink of Daiquincy was in Nürnberg (Germany) on a KSA show on 12th July.
He was 1 week short to the puppy class, so he got judgement but he wasn't in competition more.
He got a very nice judgement with very promising results! Congratulations Silke and Robin! :o)

Tico has a new home too already, he moved to his new family to Russia.
We wish you and your new family a lot of happiness and nice success on the shows!

Thermenland Tour - Feldbach (Austria) 4-5th July 2009
Last year we visited this tour, where were 4 dogsports in a day. Now this competition was
at the whole weekend with a lot of teams. On Sunday we participated in obedience competition, on GH2 level.
The weather was very heedless, sometimes hot sunshine, sometimes storm with hard rain...
Unfortunately Eyscha wasn't on the top, she was not with me all the time, so the result isn't so good... 163 points... :o(
On Sunday was the weather a little better, hot but without storm. Eyscha was very happy and
on the first course (Agility 1 level) became the first place with 1 fault from 16 dogs. The jumping course got an dis.
and we completed faultsless the open jumping course, so we were on the 12 place out of 42 teams.
We got 25 rewardpoints for the first place and the end of day we finished with this on the second place. :o)
Eyscha Agility A1 - Jumping 1 - Open Jumping

The little girl, Alpha - All Fools' Day of Daiquincy becam her 3st Best Baby on the show in Russia!
Congratulations Irina and Alpha!

We got a great news from Russia! The first puppy began her show career!
All Fools' Day of Daiquincy won 2x Best Baby in Murmansk! :o)
Congratulations Irina and Alpha!
We wish you the best in the future!
Photo coming soon.

ÖGV Neutal - BgH exam (Austria), June 21th 2009
On this weekend we were in Austria again. We participates on BgH 2 level in Neutal.
It was very well, Eyscha got 96 points (excellent) out of 100 points! :o) Next time we can go on BgH 3 level already!

Skippy (Around The Clock)

Moyra (All That Magic) and Odry (Apple Pie)

Tico - Absolute Power of Daiquincy
Tico's video here!
They are 4,5 months old on the photos.

Joop De Reus Memorial Cup - Trumau (Austria) 7th June 2009
Our season of competitions began with this international cup this year.
The teams came beside Austria from Netherlands, Germany, Italien, Czech Republic and we from Hungary.
Eyscha started on GH2 level. She was happy to do the exercises,
but we (both) maked some mistake and the results won 179 points. We finished 5th place out of 7 teams.
Moyra and Tico come to rooting for the mum and 2 friends came with us from Budapest too.
Thanks for this nice day, all of us were very well. :o)
We met 3 other schnauzers on the competition, 2 black standards participated on GH1 level and
1 black giant on GH3, she placed third! Congratulations for the nice works! :o))
Video here! - Thank you very much Csilla! :o)

Our little team: I (Adel) with Moyra, Tico and Eyscha, Bela with Deep and Csilla with Bruno.

Eyscha  and the 2 pups,  Tico and  Moyra.

Why isn't any cherry on the lower branches?!
Absolute Power of Daiquincy (15 weeks old on the photos)

Amazing Grace moved to her new family in Austria. We wish you the best in the future
and great sportcareer with your little owner, Lucia! :o)

Here is the summer again!
We went to swimming with our friends and with 8 dogs (5 pups...) at the weekend.
It was a great adventure, the puppies like the water better and better
and they swam too already! :o)
Bonie, Indy, Eyscha, Moyra, Odry, Skippy, Tico and Grace
More photos can you see in our photoalbum
Free Photo and Video by myphotoalbum.com

A'la Carte of Daiquincy 19.01.2009 - 16.05.2009
We recived an awful news on Saturday... we lost Kirie in a horrible accident... :o(
Dear Kirie... good bye little girl! :o(((

Amazing Grace of Daiquincy 15 weeks old

New photos can you see here (album of the puppies)!
Free Photo and Video by myphotoalbum.com

Agility training again! :o)
Eyscha had a long pause, the little girls were first time on the agility course and
all three were very well and very clever! Great! :o)
Eyscha, Moyra and Grace (Amazing Grace)


Skippy - Around The Clock of Daiquincy is 12 weeks old on the photos.

All puppies are very kind, friendly and joyful with a great temperament.
I can suggest they for show, sport or pet in the family.

A'la Carte moved to Austria, Absynth Drink to Germany, All Fools' Day to Russia
and After Eight Minth to next to Budapest (Hungary).
We wish you and your new family a wonderful life, a lot of joy and
beautiful success on the shows and in the sport!

We have 2 new members in our kennel. :o)
Moyra - All That Magic of Daiquincy
Odry - Apple Pie of Daiquincy

New show results (Luxembourg CACIB) and photos are on our web site.

The puppies are 9 weeks old! Here is the time that they go to new home.
They have great and so similar looking with lovely characters.
We sincere wish that the puppies fill the new owner with a lot of joy!
Absynth Drink of Daiquincy
Around The Clock of Daiquincy
After Eight Mint of Daiquincy
Absolute Power of Daiquincy
Apple Pie of Daiquincy
A'la Carte of Daiquincy
Amazing Grace of Daiquincy
All Fools' Day of Daiquincy
All That Magic of Daiquincy
Another photos can you see here Free Photo and Video by myphotoalbum.com

It's snowing! :o)

We got a very nice photo about Melvin, he is the father of the puppies. Thank you Heidrun and Brigitte!

We arrived!!!!! :o)
Eyscha gave life for 13 babies on the 19th January 2009, but 3 out of them left us.
The others who stayed with us, five boys and five girls are healthy and beautiful. :o)
We are very happy because Eyscha feels very well and she is a very devoted mother.
The first day...

and on the second day


We received a superb Christmas present in this year, Eyscha waits for puppies! :o)
They will be born in January 2009.
The father is Melvin from Germany. He is a very nice, joyful and friendly schnauzer with a spirited temperament.
He works as therapydog too. More info on the page of puppies.
Eyscha and Melvin :o)



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