12. 27.

We wish you Merry Christmas and
a Happy and Successful New Year! :o)

We had a wonderful Christmas surprise, Eyscha is expecting babies! :o)))
The puppies will be born in end of January. More information at the "Puppies"!

We put new winterphotos in our album. Link
Free Photo and Video by myphotoalbum.com

12. 02.
28.11.2010 Budapest - International & Derby Show
Judge: Günther Ehrenreich from Austria
Skippy exc.1., CAC, CACIB, Derby Winner, BOB
Moyra exc.1., CAC, CACIB, Derby Winner, BOS
Moyra - All That Magic of Daiquincy
Photobucket Photobucket
Skippy - Around The Clock of Daiquincy
Photobucket Photobucket
Skippy & Moyra
Thank you, Klari! :o)
Results at the "Show"!

11. 21.
20.11.2010 Nitra - International Dog Show - Slovakia
Judge: Zeljka Fon Zidar from Slovenia
Skippy exc.1., CAC, Res.CACIB
Moyra exc.2., Res.CAC
Results at the "Show"!

11. 14.
1990 November 14th - Just 20 years ago, with Alex's birthday started it all:
love for the Schnauzers, participation in the shows and competitions ...
Szürke-Márvány Igazi - 'Alex', my first Schnauzer, we say thank you for everything!
More than 15 years he lived with us, today would be 20 years old. Alex, we never forget you!

10. 29.
17th Oct Komarom - CACIB and Agility Cup
The weekend didn't start the best, even we got the startnumber of 13 in agility ...
In the morning we began the day with agility. The judges, Iveta and Roman Lukac came from Slovakia,
their parcourses were difficult enough, but technical. Eyscha was in fantastic form, the first run was faultless,
and the jumping parcourse was similarly well done, fast, accurate and faultless. :o))) Hurrrraaaaah!
After the second run went to the ring of Schnauzers quickly because Odry also came next.
The judge was Margit Brenner from Austria. Odry (Apple Pie) exc. 1, CAC, CACIB and won BOB too! :o)))
The afternoon followed the ceremony of agility. Eyscha in A1 agility placed 1st, in jumping 4th
and with this 2 runs she won the first place from 15 dogs! :o)))
We participated in the show as member of the obedience team on Sunday.
We trained very well with Eyscha, Moyra and Skippy and we had fun. :o)
Although the weekend didn't start easily but finally ended as the best possible.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Thank you Csilla and Attila for the nice photos and helping at the weekend! :o)
Video from Komarom: Eyscha & Odry Bonie
Thank you, Peter for the great video! :o)))

Skippy in EDS - thanks to Agnieszka for the photos (Grand Sen Kennel)
Photobucket Photobucket
and at home

10. 02.
 Celje - 30th September 2010

Skippy (Around The Clock of Daiquincy) exc.1., CAC
Moyra (All That Magic of Daiquincy) exc.2., Res.CAC

Both of them participated in intermediate class.
Results at the "Show"!
Photos in the album!
Free Photo and Video by myphotoalbum.com

Many nice things had happened in the past months.
First the news which stand the closest to our hearts:
Lucia and Grace (Amazing Grace) began their sport career in Austria!
On 9th July they performed their first exam of the BH with beautiful work
after that on 18th September they completed the next BgH1 exam with 90 /100 points!

Great results!!! Congratulations and we are very, very proud of you! :o)))
We wish you good luck for the next time!

Grace in September. :o)

Thanks to Marlene for the nice photos!

14-15th August Obedience Seminar - Dunaszentpál
We invited Renate Oeltze from Austria for a 2-day obedience seminar where I participated with Moyra
We got the nice pitch of a nearby village for the weekend and we could spend a fantastic weekend
Together and learned a lot, thank you for everything! Moyra showed the usual her happy and
enthusiastic face with some clowning. : o))) Thanks to Renate and Vera!
Another 2 Schnauzers came to the seminar, Bonie the Miniature and Zeus the Standard young boy.
We hope so much, that this sport will begin in Hungary too!
Thank you Csilla and Attila to the beautiful photos! :o)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Csilla's and Attila's albums: Link1 Link2

Dunaszentpál, Budapest, Vienna - 3 agility competitions and agility exam in Tordas.
There were excellent competitions, good judges and interesting parcourses. Eyscha is always
very enthusiastic, fast and in most cases attentive but a tiny fault slips into even at the best runnings ... :oS
We don’t give up and the point is that we all feel good!
Videos coming soon ...
We have some photo of relax on the competotion. :o) Thanks to Csilla for these sweet photos!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

2-8th August dogcamp in Halaszi
I were with Eyscha, Moyra and Odry. In the camp were more agility and a little obedience training and
very interesting presentations on the dogs, clicker training, animals in the moving, dog foods, etc.
Thank you Attila for the training with Odry in agility. You were very goooood! :o)

Moyra’s debut as Beginner at the agility competition in September unfortunately will not happen
due to cancellation of the competition, so it is likely to wait until spring with this.
In the meantime, we're training and learning more.

18th July Oberwart-CACIB - Austria
Because of the change of the judge, Pettko Csaba judged the Standard Schnuzers too instead of Zlatko Kraljik.
Skippy (Around The Clock) won exc.1., CACA, CACIB.
Grace (Amazing Grace) also participated in the show,
but managed to be trimmed too late and her coat grew very slow, so she had almost only undercoat.
The result: very good. :o( The only complaint on the critique was that the coat was soft and too light.
We are very sorry, and we know that it isn’t easy to prepare the coat of a young Schnauzer for the show.
We hope that next time Grace manages to present in the excellent quality coat. Really hope for you! : o)
Look for the results and photos under the title :„Shows”!

Photobucket Photobucket
Philomena with Odry, Lucia with Grace ... and Skippy and Moyra :o)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

September 5th Mosonmagyaróvár-CAC
Odry (Apple Pie) won exc.1., CAC, BOS.
Photobucket Photobucket

Tico (Absolute Power) acquired some new Champion titles in his holiday. :o)
13th July International dog show-CACIB - Albena (Bulgaria)
judge: Nemanja Jovanovic (Serbia)
exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOS
14th July International dog show-CACIB - Albena (Bulgaria)
judge: Denis Kuzelj (Bulgaria)
exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOS, Champion of Bulgaria, Grand Champion of Bulgaria
and third place in the pairs competition with Trels Zaznoba Gredzhi
15th July National show-CAC (Georgia)
judge: Boris Chapiro (France)
exc.1., CAC, BOS, Champion of Georgia
17th July National show-CAC - Mavrovo (Macedonia)
judge: Pero Bozinovski (Macedonia)
exc.1., CAC, BOB, and Best Pair of the exhibition,
the first place in the pairs competition with Trels Zaznoba Gredzhi
18th July International dog show-CACIB - Mavrovo (Macedonia)
judge: Nikola Angelkovski (Macedonia)
exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOS, Champion of Macedonia, Balkan Champion
20th July International dog show-CACIB - Cetinje (Montenegro)
judge: Tibor Gere (Serbia)
exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOS
21st July National show-CAC - Kotor (Montenegro)
judge: Zoltan Vatai (Serbia)
exc.1., CAC, BOS, Champion of Montenegro
7 shows, 4 CACIB, 6 new Champion titles, really great result! :o)))
Big congratulations on the results of all three of schnauzers
and many thanks to Svetlana, Liudmila, Irina and Tico!
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

New happy photos in our album! "2010 Summer" :o)
Free Photo and Video by myphotoalbum.com
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

07. 01.
Moyra and Odry in agility training. :o) (link)

We got some new photos of our Skippy from Pecs
Thank you to Robi for these wonderful photos! :o)))

06. 28.
We have "some" new photos in our album: (link)
06. 14.

12.06.2010 Pecs - International Dog Show
New show - new successes :o)
Moyra exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOS
Skippy exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOB and Res.Best of Group!
The judge was Alfonso Thovar Y Del Solar (E),
in the group Luis Pinto Teixeira (P)

The last photo aaaaand... juheeee, my best toy! :o)

06. 04.
Moyra (All That Magic) started in intermediate class first time in Nagyvazsony, on 30th May.
She won exc.1., CAC and BOB! :o)

Tico also began with very nice successes his show career in intermediate class in Moscow.
1st May - "Mega-Veszna" show: exc.1., CAC, CW, BOB
1st May - "Andromeda-Veszna" show: exc.1., CAC, CW, BOS
8th May - "Alfa" show: exc.1., CAC, CW, BOB and BOG-4
8th May - "Grom" show: exc.1., CAC, CW
16th May - "Arta" show: exc.1., CAC, CW, BOB and Best of Group!
22th May - Schnauzer Speciality show: exc.2., Cert.
Tico (Absolute Power of Daiquincy) completed the Champion of Russia term!
Big congratulation Irina Trubnikova and Tico on these wonderful results!!! :o)))
Tico on the Speciality show

and home state

Thanks to Natalia (www.bestschnauzer.ru) and Irina for the nice photos! :o)

15-16th May 2010 Delegyhaza, ZoOne cup of Whitsuntide
The competition promised very well with the 2 fantastic judges. Mitja Znidaric came from Slovenien,
Nalle Jansson from Sweden (he will be the judge on the world agility championship of 2010).
The wonderful lake next to the parcours was a great possibility, but... the weather thought it
differently. On this weekend arrived the great storm with the hard rain, stormy wind and cold. :o(
The competition moved on 2 parcours with 6 starts (3 agility, 3 jumping).
We started on 5 parcours with faultless, 1 and 2 faults as well as 2x dis. results.
I think, we stood very good and held out in spite of the difficulties. :o)
 Eyscha Attila & Bonie

05. 24.
22-23th May Komarom - 2x International and HSPK Clubshow
We were with 3 dogs in Komarom. The results:

22.05. International show
Skippy (Around The Clock) exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOB

22.05. HSPK Clubshow
Skippy exc.1., HPJ, Junior Club Winner, Best Junior, BOB, Junior Best in Show
Moyra (All That Magic) exc.1., HPJ, Junior Club Winner

23.05. International show
Skippy exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOB, 4-6. placed in the BOG
Moyra exc.1., HPJ, Best Junior
Odry (Apple Pie) excellent
On this show emerged sometimes very surprising results of the standard and miniature schnauzers
and not just in a good sense. We with Hungarian, Polish and Czech schnauzer owners and breeders
tried to understand the Japanese judge's concept for his judging and his idee for the breed, but nobody succeeded.
On the judging sheet were generally everything nice and good, the result of many really beautiful dogs
were incredible yet. I feel it so, we were lucky because all three of our dogs obtained the "excellent".
Looking for the results at the "Show".
Free Photo and Video by myphotoalbum.com

05. 13.
New agility videos:
IV.Winter Cup - Eyscha Agility A1 + Jumping Open
Tordas Zoo Winter Cup - Eyscha Agility A1
Tordas Zoo Winter Cup - Eyscha Agility Open
III.Winter Cup - Bonie Agility A1
III.Winter Cup - Bonie Junping Open
Tordas Zoo Winter Cup - Bonie Agility A1
Tordas Zoo Winter Cup - Bonie Agility Open

8th. May 2010, Trumau - Austria, Competition of the Mother's Day
After the long winter rest our first competition, where I participated with Eyscha on GH2 level. Although she
recognized quickly the competition (there isn't food), but with the 10 points in exercise of the heelwork and
with the 9,5 points in exercise of the sit and stand under march she compesated everything. :o)))
We finished with 207 points ("good") on the 5th placed. :o) We have things to practice still.

05. 11.
We started our new show season with an unforgettable success!
Our 2 youngsters participated at a national show in Kapuvár on 2nd May.
Skippy participated in intermediate class (as 15 months old), Moyra remained in junior class still
and the results...
Moyra (All That Magic) exc.1., HPJ (Junior winner)
Skippy (Around The Clock) exc.1., CAC, BOB and Best of Group! :o)))
Many thanks to Szalánczy Gábor for this 2 beautiful photos!
Skippy in the ring

and with our friends :o)

Zsuzsa with Harley (Khan v. Franken), Klári with Tikki (Jaunty Jill Alarm Beskyd), Adél with Skippy and Zsolt with Moyra
Thank you, David for the beautiful photos! :o)

Alpha (All Fools' Day) also was on show in Russia on 2nd May,
where she won exc.1., CAC and CW in intermediate class! :o)
Big congratulation to Irina and Alpha!

04. 20.
We were at the Profivet Veterinary Center (Dr.Muka Péter Pál) on 16th April 2010.
We got wonderful results:
Skippy (Around The Clock) - HDA, EDO (hip and elbow free)
Moyra (All That Magic) - HDA (hip free)
Odry (Apple Pie) - HDA (hip free)

Robin (Absynth Drink of Daiquincy) began his showcareer as junior!
He won Jugendsieger and Best Junior on CACIB show in Wieselburg (Austria).
Congratulations and thank you Silke and Robin! :o)

Some new photos of our beautiful boy. Robin - Absynth Drink of Daiquincy. :o)
He is 14 months old.
More funny photos in our photoalbum!

03. 21.
Successful weekend! Alpha participated on 2 shows on 20-21th March,
where she won2x J.KCH. and 2x Best Junior.
With these results Alpha (All Fools' Day of Daiquincy) is Russian Junior Club Champion! :o)
Many thanks and Congratulations Irina and little girl!

We got some new Eyscha's photos. Thank you very much! :o)

03. 08.
Tico has 2 new Champion titles! He was in Minsk on 2 International Shows on 6-7th March.
He won 2x Junior Winner and 2x Best Junior.
Tico is with these results double Junior Champion of Belarus! :o)
Thanks and congratulation Irina Trubnikova and Tico to the beautiful results!
03. 05.
The dogs of our kennel achieved great success at shows again.
In February Tico (Absolute Power) got Junior Champion of Ukraine,
Alpha (All Foold' Day) Junior Champion of Latvia.
Many thanks and big congratulations! :o)
We got nice news from Russia: 11 puppies were born at the Ave Concorde kennel on 7th February.
The proud parents: father Tico, the mother Eu.W. Ave Concorde Rumba.
Congratulations to "our first grandchildren"!
We wish them health, nice life and many success in the future! :o)

4.Winter Cup - Szigetszentmiklós, 28th. February 2010
We came to the last round of the Winter Cup series.
The judges came from Slovakia, Iveta Lukacova and Roman Lukac again.
Unfortunately, this was not our day. The agility course was very difficult, not really the level of 1.
We completed this with a dis. (but perfect zones and slalom), the jumping with 1 fault,
but it is also associated with timesfault. We finished of the Winter Cup series on the 5th place
so that 39 dogs got any points (always the best 15 dogs). Nevertheless, I'm very glad because
Eyscha worked well on each of the 4 competitions and allways only some small faults slipped into. :o)

Tordas Zoo Winter Cup - Gyúró, 14th. February 2010
We had great luck with the weather, on Saturday was big snowdrift nearby. The compatition and
the parcourses were very good, Eyscha was very clever, we finished the agility with 1 fault but
the jumping turn out a dis. She thought, she was better knows the parcour like me. : o)
So not worries, we felt ourselves very well. : o)

After the compatition we took a trip. Where made "some" photos.

Other winterphotos

More photos can you see here (album of the 2009/2010 Winter)!
Free Photo and Video by myphotoalbum.com

01. 27.
Tico obtained a big birthday surprise for us. On 24th January - on Eyscha's 5th birthday -
he acquired the last JCAC and the Best Junior titles in Moscow.
Tico (Absolute Power of Daiquincy) is Junior Champion of Russia. :o)
Big congratulations to Irina Trubnikova and Tico! We wish you a lot of success in the new year!

3.Winter Cup - Szigetszentmiklós, 23th January 2010
The judges were Iveta Lukacova and Roman Lukac from Slovakia.
It was not, as we would have liked it... we forgot doing slalom (Eyscha and I too). :oS
We completed the 2 rounds with 4 faults. Since we got some points for jumping,
so in the cupserie we are with 43 points tie for 3rd place.
The whole competition is perfectly similar to a 1999/2000 series, on which I participated with my Alex.
The state was similarly there and in the end with a beautiful last daily running
we won the all jubilee agility cupseries. :o) This is certainly not going to happen,
but if we would perform 2 nice runs, I would be very happy.
Of course a nice placing would not be bad... :o)

Thanks for this beautiful photo. :o)

01. 19.

Our first "A" litter 1 year old! :o))

Our video are on the Youtube!

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