2012 - 2011
06. 26.
Liz (Brisk Moment of Daiquincy) achieved very nice successes on 8th and 16th June,
she got excellent 2., Reserve Winner's Bitch (out of 4 bitches) and excellent 1., Winner's Bitch in New York.

These results are wonderful with a natural schnauzer in USA. Big-big congratulations!
We are very happy with you, Klare! :o)))

We organized the first hungarian obedience cup on 26th May, where we worked as organizer and steward,
therefore we couldn't participate on the competition. Eyscha got lame, for this Moyra was her assistant as 'helper'
in the group exams on 3rd level. She did well. :o)

A new family member arrived to us on 23rd May. He is Lecsó, a 3 months old giant male rabbit.
It is a great challenge the clicker-training with him. :o)

We were in Salzburg on the Obedience Worldchamionship on 19-21. May. It was great to watch the best of the world again. :o)

Congratulations to all participants, especially to the World Champion Christa and Kaos!

We participated with Moyra on the Mothers' day obedience cup in Trumau, in Austria. We entered first time in beginner class.
I'm very glad, because she was very happy and enthusiastic, and she worked very well.
We finished with 251,5 points /280 and excellent on the 2nd place (1,5 points fewer than the first).

Liz won her first agility competiton!

Wow! Great success! Big congratulation Klare and Liz! :o)))
They are working in sheep training too next to the agility. It's doing very well already! :o)

We went to Mosonmagyarovar on the Lajta Cup on 14th April.
We entered with Moyra in BH1, with Eyscha in BH3. It was Moyra's first BH competition.
She was a little indeterminate in her work, because of them I must to help her more.
ezért fontosabbnak láttam a munka közben segíteni neki. Fortunately, the judge appreciated this, so we achieved 80 points.
Eyscha worked very well, but she comed back beside the A-frame (-6 points). She fnished with 87 ponits on the first place
and winner of a special award, the best standard schnauzer. I'm very proud of them! :o)))

The team of our dogschool "Kismegyeri Kutyás Klub"

Thanks Vajkó László for the wonderful photos! www.vajkofoto.com

The last Agility Winter Cup wasn't successful, 3x dis. and a faultless runs. We aren't on the top form.

01. 28.
We went to Szigetszentmiklos again on the 3rd round on 22nd January. The judge, Alexander Beitl arrived from Germany.
Both of our dogs were in good shape, they were very clever. Moyra fulfilled her first agility course with one fault, but
overall with a really nice run and excellent qualificattion, so she got her first, A1 exam. :o))) With them she became
the 8th out of 35 entries. In the second course, open jumping, she began with a good start, after that she played the clown,
she was toooo happy. :oD I run with Eyscha only the open jumping, where she finished with a nice and clear running
on the 16th place out of 96 large and 3rd out of 24 A2 large dogs. Well done girls, I'm very proud of you! :o)))
Video: coming soon...
Parcourses - A1 agility and Open Jumping

As a rather was a cold and very windy weather, standing on the edge of the freezing we changed the A2 agility course
on the visit of Titi and her family, where Eyscha and Moyra also got the delicious Birthday's cheesecake. :oD
Eyscha & Titi

We got more sweet and darling birthday's photos and video, million thanks for it!!! :o)))
Molli & Dexter with their family / Best Choice & Blue Danube of Daiquincy
Thank you, Csaba! :o)))

Liz / Brisk Moment of Daiquincy - The 1st birthday :o)

01. 20.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our all 'A' Puppies and 'B' Puppies and Eyscha!!! :o)))
Happy Birthday
We have already triple Birthday celebration, beacuse the 'A' puppies were born on 19th (2009), Eyscha on 24th (2005) and
the 'B' puppies on 26th January 2011! Thank you ever so much all family for the news and the photos of our puppies,
we are always very happy if we can hear about them. We see the lot of love what our puppies become, thanks a lot for it!

Titi's (Apple Pie of Daiquincy) celebration :oD

Thank you very much Tünci & Tamás!!! :o)))

12. 31.

After Christmas our small family grew, Barka and Fülöp spent their winter vacation at us.
The two brother and sister really enjoyed the time together, and we are very glad, because we see that
how well-educated, kind and wonderful young became from the little puppies. Although we met in the dog school too,
- where Barka was the second smartest dog between the young, :o) - but it is a little different. :o)))

The 6 beast - like polar bears :o)))

Barka & Fülöp (Blithe Spirit & Brave Hearts of Daiquincy)
the band

The wild watchdogs and welcome the "intruder"! (Barka's owners) :o)

Füli 11 months old

Mom, do you really mean this? You do nooooot???

Indy with his ball

More photo in our album - here

We got some really sweet photos of Freya (Bubble-Gum of Daiquincy)
and Liz (Brisk Moment of Daiquincy). :o)))

Thank you very much Gabriella and Klare! :o)

Titi (Apple Pie of Daiquincy)'s Christmas present and her surprise for the owners. :o)))
Thanks to Tünci and Tamás!

Barka's home agility video here and on the page of Video! Good girl! :o)

Rosie (Beyond The Prise of Daiquincy) participated on a show in Brüsszel, where she got excellent 1. and Best Junior!
Big congratulations Nadine and Rosie! Thank you very much! :o)))

We were on the II.Winter Agility Cup in Szigetszentmiklós in December.
Jan Egil Eide (N) had great parcourses and he was a really nice judge.
Eyscha and Moyra worked very well, the runs succeeded more better like on the previouse competition. :o)

12. 03.
Barka is waiting so much for her first Christmas. :o)))

Thank you, Peter for this sweet photo! :o)

The videolist completed, see you at the Video.

11. 28.
And it succceeeeeeded! Juhuuuu! :o)))
Eyscha completed the highest Obedience exam (GH3) in Austria on Saturday, in 26th November.
Thank you this nice day and congratulate Paivi on your first obedience exam with Terra! :o)
It looks like it was Eyscha's last obedience test because she brought to perfection how can a boycott work
before the judge already. After that she will focus "only" on the agility, the sofa and the teaching of the young . :o)
She knows perfectly the exercises of obedience, and if she wants, she knows show it very nice, achieving high scores,
but if she does not feel like something... however, this can happen at a schnauzer... She begins search a loophole maybe
she can shirk from the work, and although sometimes persuadable, but the plus commands pay for serious points.
Perhaps cut in the sulky, and while pouting, but she does the practice, and the third case to be completely stupid to pretend,
that she had never heard this, she can not know what have to do.
So the work with a schnauzer never boring! :oD
Eyscha is my first obediencedog, and I owe her a lot of thanks, because we learned all and a lot together.
We don't give up the Obedience, I hope Moyra and maybe Skippy can follow in their mother's footsteps next year. ;o)

On 19th November we were in Szigetszentmiklos on the I. Agility Winter Cup.
The judge, Ton v.d. Laar came from the Netherlands, and he built very good parcourses. In the A1 Large level participated 31,
in A2 27 dogs. We saw beautiful runs with some 'new' breeds too (e.g. my favorite breed, kelpie was also more), so it was again
a very good competition. Our runs were not very successful now, but the substance is that we really enjoyed ourselves!
To be continued in December! :o)

11. 01.
Liz (Brisk Moment of Daiquincy) and Klare participated on their first show in New Jersey
and they won excellent 1., Best puppy!
Big congratulations to you!!! :o)))
Video of the show

We got some nice big pumpkins, so I tried the halloween pumkin carving.
After the first came the next ... at the end make some photos with the dogs too - of course. :oD
All photos in our new album - here

I made some photos on this wonderful autumn's day in Bakony.
All photos here

10. 02.
We were with Moyra in the ÖSPK Club Show on 24th September, where she participated first time in champion class.
We spent a very nice day with our friends, which was coupled with a very nice result,
Moyra won Club Winner and BOB . :o)
Some photo from Moyra, still from July - thank you, Balazs and Lilla!

New show results at the "Show" and photos in the photoalbum.

On 11th September we organized a common obedience and agility training with the friends in Veszprem.
It was also a very hot day, because of this the workout was shorter than planned
and "our cameraman" gave up too soon, so we have only a short recording.
Csilla and Attila made some photos, thank you!
Video: Moyra obedience training - here
Photos - here

In August we participated in 2 agility competitions, in the Kraft SE and the Julius K-9 Cup.
Moyra has developed well, so she started first in Beginner Large, after that already in A1 level in Zalaegerszeg.
We can work perfectly as a team (mostly...) with Eyscha, but Moyra is different, the knowledge and routines are still missing,
but I hope we get it soon. She was very well in Beginner class. We started firts of the A1 Large teams in Zalaegerszeg,
I was too nervous, did not trust in her and mostly made the mistakes miself. The jumping at the end of the day was much better.
With Eyscha achieved our third flawless agility race with this third place, so we can move on to A2 level.
She was also a very good shape, aside from our little "quarrel", but she is a schnauzer after all! :oD
Videos of competitions:
Kraft SE - here
Julius K-9 - here

Liz (Brisk Moment of Daiquincy) is learning very hard. She is past her first obedience competition,
where she started in the Beginner class. :o)
We are very proud of you and we wish you a lot of success and joyful moment!
The little Lizzy is getting to know the sheeptraining too next to the obedience and agility. :o)))
Liz's first obedience competition as 7 months old - here
as "sheepdog" in the second lesson - here
Liz after the first grooming. Pretty girl! :o)

Rosie (Beyond The Prise of Daiquincy) got her first very promising result at the Club show in Belgium.
Congratulations Rosie and Nadine!
They are also very busy in the obedience training. We are very happy! :o)))

I love you! :o)

The best pear is the highest always!
If Moyra can pick this off, me tooooo! :o)

Pffff... it was wormy... - This is my pear!

Thank Tamas for these sweet photos! :o)))

Happy sommer! :o)

Unfortunately, the photoalbum (myphotoalbum) was discontinued, so we had to find a new place.
We chose Fotki hopefull we'll have more luck. We need time to upload the older photos.
More photos in our new album - here

Barka (Blithe Spirit of Daiquincy) in Szombathely

between the 6 best baby

07. 18.
In the last 1,5 months has happened a lot, we were in the shows and sports competition.
The first and the newest is this weekend's two shows with huge successes, which we thought never!
On Saturday we began in Szombathely, where we participated with Barka, Skippy and Moyra.
Barka was enter in the baby class, now shown by her owner, Peter and the result very promising 1.,
and they were among the 6 best baby in the BIS ring.

The rival was an our dear friend with a very nice baby female, Noni, who finnished on the second place.
We congratulate to all of them, because they were very, very clever! :o)))
Moyra won exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOS and Skippy got a huge surprise,
exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOB, after that Best of Group (BOG) and Res.Bes of Day (R.BOD)!!! :o)))

We entered only Moyra in Oberwart on Sunday, where she got
exc.1., CACA, CACIB, BOB! With these win she completed the
International Champion term! :o)))
After this 2 CACIB titles she became the "Savaria Winner" too.

More photos and results coming soon...

We participated with Moyra in a CACIB show in Komarom on 13. June, where she won
exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOS and after that she is Hungarian Champion! :o)

Lizzy (Brisk Moment of Daiquincy) as 5 months old passed her first exam, the CGC test at the dogschool.
Congratulations Liz and Klare, you are a great team! :o)))

On 10th June we went to Tordas in an agility exam and it was Moyra's first agility competition.
She started in the unofficial Novice class, where the parcourse is easier and she can jump the midi height still.
Althought the jumping run finnised with dis, the agility with 2 faults, yet she was at once very clever!
We caught one of the hottest summer day with about 36-37 degrees, but Moyra and Eyscha were very enthusiastic and quick. :o)))
Eyscha's runs has not been faultless, we got a dis and the 10th 1 faulty result.

We met our friends and fans of the obedience sport on 26th June in Csepel and spent a very enjoyable afternoon together.
We trained very good and were talking a lot. :o)
Thank you for your hospitality, training and the beautiful photos! Photoalbum here

05. 28.
2 weekend - 2 shows
We were in Salzburg on 22 May where
Skippy won exc.1., CACA, CACIB, BOB
Moyra won exc.2., Res.CACA, Res.CACIB
Our friend, Gin - Mátraszépe Zyan was also successful and he got CACIB.
With this result he is Inter.Champion!!! Congratulations!!! :o)))

After the show (instead of the BIS program) we tooke a trip at the beautiful Salzkammergut. :o)

We participated in the show in Szekesfehervar on 28 May.
Skippy won exc.1., CAC, CACIB and BOB again.
With this results he completed the following term
Hungarian Champion
Hungarian Show Champion
International Chmapion!!! :o)))
Barka (Blithe Spirit of Daiquincy) was very clever in her first show and
she got very promising in baby class!
Congratulations and thank you, Péter and Barka! We wish you a lot of success in the future! :o)))

05. 12.
After a long travel Liz is also at home and she feels very well in New York.
Thank you, Klare for the visit, we were very happy to meet you!
We wish you a lot of fun and success with the little Liz!
Klare and "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" :o)

Freya and her best play - cat in the box :o)

Leila and Barka ...

Liz and Barka in the dogschool :o)

Rosie in a hot spring day in Belgium :o)

Some photo of our darling Odry :o)

05. 01.
All puppies are sold. Roy and Amy moved to a kind family today.
Liz is waiting for the travel but in a short time she also will be in her new home.
Thanks to all family for the looking after the little puppies with love and we trust,
that the newcomers bring a lot of joys and happiness into their life. :o)

We would like to introduce our friends:
'Gin' - Champion black giant schnauzer male! :o)

04. 28.
Best Choice of Daiquincy "Amy" - 13 weeks old

Roy and Amy

with Eyscha

04. 27.
Freya and Rosie are also in the new home at their loving family. :o)
Thank you to all and we wish you the best!
Blue Danube of Daiquincy "Roy"

Look at his video: link

04. 04.
Barka, Leila, Balu and Fülöp are moved to their new home at the weekend.
We owe thanks to the "dear" breeder, who fed us with promises since months that
Odry will going to them and after all disappeared without a word... Odry found a fantastic family now!
She finished her showcareer but began a new and wonderful life.
Thank you very-very much Tünci and Tamás!!! :o)))
We say big thanks to all new owner and family to provide for our pups a loving home,
and we wish very nice, long and happy life with the new family members!
We hope we will hear many nice and good things about you in the future too! :o)
The other 3 puppies will going to their new family within 1-2 weeks.

The puppies are 9,5 weeks old on the pics
Blue Danube of Daiquincy
Brisk Moment of Daiquincy

03. 30.
Puppy clicker training
Blithe Spirit and Blooming Valley of Daiquincy 8,5 weeks old Link

03. 26.
The pups are 8 weeks old already and we made some new photos. HERE

During the photography arrived a guest too. :o)

After the hard work...

Were you also the smallest among your sisters and brothers?


03. 21.
New photos of the 7 weeks old puppies HERE!
Skippy and Moyra in the dogschool. :o)


03. 16.
The spring arrived! The puppies got a playground in the garden where they feel very well. :o)))

03. 07.
We are sister and brother, right?
What is on your nose?

The first trip in the garden as 5,5 weeks old. :o)
more photo in our album Link

03. 03.
We got some wonderful photos from Presov Dog Show.

Thank you very much for these pics! www.dog-foto.com :o)
Some photos from Rzeszow are in album!

02. 28.
Grace (Amazing Grace of Daiquincy) participated in a CACIB show in Austria, where
she won exc.1., CACA! Hurraaa! Congratulations Lucia and Grace! :o)))

They are 4,5 weeks old already, eaten alone and getting to know the things of world. :o)
More photo in our photoalbum! Link
Free Photo and Video by myphotoalbum.com

02. 22.
We spent a long and successful weekend in Poland and Slovakia!
Saturday - 19th February - Rzeszow-CACIB - Poland
Judge: Javier Sanchez Fernandez from Spain
Skippy exc.1., CWC, CACIB, Best Male, BOB, 5-8th placed in BOG
exc.1., CWC, CACIB, Best Female

Sunday - 20th February - Presov (Kosice)-CACIB - Slovakia
Judge: Bo Skalin from Sweden
Skippy exc.1., CAC, CACIB, East Winner'11, BOB and Res.Best of Group
exc.1., CAC, Res.CACIB
Results at the "Show", photos from Rzeszow are in album!

02. 09.
The pups are 2 weeks old! :o)

New photos in the album! (link)
Free Photo and Video by myphotoalbum.com

02. 03.
The puppies are 1 weeks old! :o)
They all are very well, eating, sleeping and growing nice.
Photos in our album (link)

Free Photo and Video by myphotoalbum.com

01. 29.
They arrived!!! :o)))
Eyscha got life for 10 beautiful babies on 26th January, for 4 males and 6 females.
Unfortunately we lost a little boy today... :o(
The 9 puppies and the mom are very well and Eyscha is a wonderful mother again. :o)
More info at the "Puppies"!!!

They are 3 days old

01. 20.
Happy 2nd Birthday to our darling puppies of the first litter! :o)))
We wish you a lot of happiness and nice successess in the life!
And of course we owe thanks to the owners and families for
the love and care, which is given for them!

Happy Birthday to our puppies!

01. 01.
Skippy & Moyra on the show in November (Link)

Thank you, Peter, again! :o)))

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