Frida - Cleopatra's Charm of Daiquincy at Elnajjar and Amin participated on the shows with nice results in England.
29th November 2014 Truro & District Canine Society show
1. place - AV Utility puppy, 2. place - AV Utility N.S.C open and in finish
Best puppy in Utility group!
1st February 2015 Duchy Canine society show
Best AVNSC Utility open, Best AV Utility puppy, Reserve Best in group, Best puppy group
and competing for the Best puppy in show title.
judges: Chris Briggs and Denise Pye (UK)
Great results! Huge congratulations!!! :o) Have a fun on the shows!

European Dog Show 25th October 2014, Brno Czech Republic
We traveled with Eyscha and Moyra to the big europen show, where were entered 74 p/s standard schnauzers.
Eyscha - Daiquincy-Dream ze Zahrabske Veteran European Winner and won Best of Veteran (BOV)!
Moyra - All That Magic of Daiquincy in open class got exc. 2., Res.CAC.

Skippy Saltus ze Zahrabske Eu.Winner+BOB and Daiquincy-Dream ze Zahrabske Vet.Eu.Winner+BOV

The judge Rafael De Santiago (president of FCI) arrived from Puerto Rico.
Thank you very much dear friends for all the cheering and support both at home and on the spot! :o)

Liz - Brisk Moment of Daiquincy won the Novice Agility of the year 2013 title and 2nd place in Open Agility Winner
at the Standard Schnauzer Club of America (SSCA). Great! Amazing results! Huge congratulations! :o)
06. 27.

12th October 2014 Working Riesenschnauzer Federation show
Liz participated on the show and she won Best in Show!
Her 3 puppies also were there and finished with very nice results.
Congratulations!!! :o)

The puppies from C litter are growing up very quickly. Thanks a lot to all owners for the pictires and news about them.
We wish you many joyful moments together!
Cherry - Cherry Blossom of Daiquincy

Bitang - Cartoon Hero of Daiquincy

Charlie - Crown Prince of Daiquincy

Chrissie - Crystal O'Lyte of Daiquincy

Pepsi - Cafe Latte of Daiquincy

Milou - Cassiopeia of Daiquincy

Skippy and Eyscha work with the children as service(therapy) dog

During the break we play a lot :o)
Eyscha, Skippy and the skateboard video link

Rey Island Agility Cup, Slovakia - 2014.09. 20-21.
Amazing agility weekend, competition, results and K3 team.
Saturday: Moyra - LA2 3., Open jumping 5. place
Sunday: Moyra - Open jumping 5., Open agility 7. place
Eyscha - LA3 2., Open jumping 8., Open agility 2. place
Open Large (Agility+Jumping) Eyscha 2., Moyra 6. (from 21) !!!
It was a really big pleasure for me but I'm a little sad because it was Eyscha's first and also last runs in LA3.
She is almost 10 years old, still very fit and healthy but I would like to keep her in this shape still long time.
Therefore she won't more participate in Large category only among veterans on lowers obstacles.
Thanks a lot to Eyscha for these wonderful success which we achieved together and
I hope we can be still many-many years together. :o)


our team :o)

Dog physiotherapy - Erd, 2014.08.24.
We learned a lot from Petra earlier how can we keep our dogs in the best shape with massage at home,
and in this seminar how should expertly warm up before sport and loose up after that.
We all are enjoying the new exercises!

Rosie - Beyond The Prise of Daiquincy is very focused :oD

Thanks Nadine for the nice pic about our sweet girl. :o)

Skippy - Around The Clock of Daiquincy on the II. Szigetköz Agility Cup
Beginner class, 4x clean runs. My amazing-clever "little boy"!!! :o)

Frida - Cleopatra's Charm of Daiquincy at Elnajjar with her new family in England

Alpha - All Fools' Day of Daiquincy 5,5 years old in Murmansk :o)))
Thank you Irina for these very kind photos, the perfect care and a lot of love for these beautiful girl.

Szombathely - Night CAC show - 2014.07.12.
Moyra - All That Magic of Daiauincy - exc.1., CAC
Eyscha - Daiquincy-Dream ze Zahrabske - exc.1., Veteran CAC, BOB

Moyra & Eyscha
Eyscha Veteran Best in Show :o)))
three generation - Eyscha, Moyra, Bitang
Moyra 5,5 years old
Oberwart /Austria/ CACIB show - 2014.07.13.
Moyra exc.2., Res.CACA


Another fantastic weekend in the company of friends! :o)
We took part in Chaconne MacLeod Memorial cup on June 21.
The judge was Traj Tamas who built very well parcours. Eyscha and Moyra were in excellent shape and it was fun to work with them. :oD
As first Eyscha performed the A2 parcour with a clean run, after that Moyra with 2 knockdowns. Eyscha finished in 2nd, Moyra 5th.
In Open Agility Eyscha ran a nice clearly again, Moyra was fast and accurate but she knocked down the last obstacle.
Eyscha with this nice run has been rated in 3rd place among 51 large dogs and Moyra the 10th!
The surprise came just after this: by the 2 runs in A2 large category
Eyscha is the Winner of Chaconne MacLeod Memorial Cup!!!!!! Yeaaaah!
Titi and Tünci also participated in the copetition in hobby class, where they did some little faults because of these at the end got dis.
In spite of these, they were very clever!!! :o)

The team of our K3 dogschool in the memorial cup

Eyscha - Daiquincy-Dream ze Zahrabske
Moyra - All That Magic of Daiquincy
Titi - Apple Pie of Daiquincy

video link

and a well-deserved reward :oD - Eyscha, Moyra, Skippy

All of our puppies have found new homes already and enjoy their new families' love and care.
Frida had to wait for the big trip a little more, but she was not bored, she met the interesting world of doggies.
The Pentecost weekend in June we went to Komarom where participated in HSPK Schnauzer-Pinscher Clubshow.
The judge arrived from Germany, who was Ernst Theisen the president of ISPU.

Frida - Cleopatra's Charm of Daiquincy got very promising 1., Best baby and Baby-Puppy Best in Show!!!

Eyscha - Daiquincy-Dream ze Zahrabske 9,5 years old participated in veteran class, and won exc.1., CAC, Veteran Club Winner, BOB,
in the BIS ring Veteran Best in Show, after that Res. Best in Show !!!

Frida as 3,5 months old behaved very confidently and happily in and outside the ring. Gooood girl!!!
We say a big thank you to everybody, especielly to the judges, Ernst Theisen and dr.Vadócz Eva!

After the long pause we began our show career of this year in June 25.
At first we went to Kapuvar, where Moyra - All That Magic of Daiquincy just 3 months after whelping
in champion class won exc.1., CAC, BOB! With this titles she is Hungarian Show Champion already.
Frida - Cleopatra's Charm of Daiquincy got very promising 1., Best Baby in her first show . :o)))

We were in Veszpremben at the 'SAT' agility competition on 24th June.
Skippy - Around The Clock of Daiquincy took part in beginner large class and Titi - Apple Pie of Daiquincy in beginner medium class.
Both of them were very clever! Skippy made a clean run in Jumping and with this he finished on the 3rd place! :o)))

Skippy & Titi

Our team :o)

05. 03.


Here is the time, since the puppies' birth have passed 9 weeks, so the kids moved to their new homes.
We wish you a lot of happiness, nice adventures and long life with your new friends!
They are 9 weeks old on the photos. Thanks a lot Gabriella Szigligeti and Angelo Costa for these beautiful photos and help again! :o)
Cleopatra's Charm of Daiquincy
Crystal O'Lyte of Daiquincy "Chrissie"
Cafe Latte of Daiquincy "Pepsi"
Cherry Blossom of Daiquincy "Cherry"
Cassiopeia of Daiquincy "Milou"

Crown Prince of Daiquincy "Charlie"
Cartoon Hero of Daiquincy "Bitang"
Cookies'N Cream of Daiquincy "Áfonya"
You can find more photos of our puppies at the Facebook site:

We got fantastic news from the owners of our "B" puppies!!!
Rosie - Beyond The Prise of Daiquincy - gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies at Mellan kennel in Belgium on 11th April!

Liz - Brisk Moment of Daiquincy - gave life for 10 beauties at Arbor kennel in New York on 15th April!

We congratulate with all our heart to both of moms and the breeders, to Nadine and Klare!
We wish a lot of success, health and loving families for the puppies! :o)

We are very proud on Balu - Bluebeard of Daiquincy - too, who with his owner, Zolti passed their first BH exam on Bende Cup!
Huge congratulations!!! :o)

Thanks Günther Judit for the nice photos! :o)

04. 16.


Our puppies are 7 weeks old! They are growing very nicely and play a lot. True schnauzers!

Gabi and Angelo were helpful in the photoshooting! Thank you! :o)
Cherry Blossom
Cleopatra's Charm
Cafe Latte
Crystal O'Lyte
Cookies N'Cream
Crown Prince
Cartoon Hero

They met "Kishapsi" too. :oD

It was the first "couragetest" which everybody performed very well! All of them were very clever and brave! :o)

The puppies are 6 weeks old

03. 22.


Time goes by slowly, the puppies are 4 weeks old soon. All of them are developing very nicely and the world is just beginning to open up for them. :o)
They learned about the garden at the weekend, where we made a kindergarten for them.
The puppies really enjoyed the sunshine and the play in the open air.

Look! I have a tooth already! And you? :o)

03. 10.


The puppies are 2 weeks old. :o)
Some photos of their 2nd week.

03. 03.

The smallest members of our family feel very well, all the day round are eating, sleeping and sometimes try to bark. :o)
Moyra tends them perfectly, Eyscha and Skippy only can watch from afar the little newcomers.
Eyscha would like to help in nursing, but she understood well that has to wait certainly for it.

Balu (Bluebeard of Daiquincy) and Zolti diligently go to dog school and presentations.
They are going to take part in BH exam too. We wish you a lot of success! :o)

Kishapsi and the schnauzies are enjoying the sunshine. :o)

02. 25.

Moyra gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies. All of them are very well and Moyra is a great mom. :o)

01. 26.

We have a great news, Moyra is pregnant!!! :o)))
More info about the expecting puppies at the 'Puppies'.

Another one year passed... The members of the 'A' litter are 5 years old, the 'B' puppies 3y , and Eyscha is 9 years old already.
We wish all of you a very Happy Birthday!!! :o)
Thanks a lot for the nice photos, videos and the news which we get from the kind owners of our dogs!

The Birthday's party
Eyscha, Moyra, Skippy, Titi

Moyra and Tünci
Skippy and Tamás

family idyll: Skippy, Moyra, Titi

Barka (Blithe Spirit of Daiquincy) 3 years old

Liz (Brisk Moment of Daiquincy) and Klare
Great work! Agility is fun! :o)

Rosie (Beyond The Prise of Daiquincy)

Freya (Booble-Gum of Daiquincy)

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